11% of all profits go to causes close to our hearts. Stay Safe!

Our pieces are passionately designed in Brooklyn, New York and made in Mexico by expert hands with love and extreme attention to detail.

A perfect mix of geometry and asymmetry, from dainty to eye-catching, our jewelry carries a story within, making it both a statement piece for the bold modern woman, and a future heirloom to cherish and pass on to future generations.

11% of the profit of each piece is donated to a cause we care deeply about, we believe in putting our money were our heart is. (You can find each cause under the product's description)

Our best-sellers

Juntas Necklace - 14k gold or sterling silver

Juntas is a celebration of womanhood! A silhouette of boobs with diamond nipples. A reminder to be loud and proud of being a woman, that breastfeeding is normal, and a homage to the warriors that have overcome breast cancer. The perfect gift for new mommas!  Or to yourself <3 

11% of the profits of this collection are donated to the breast cancer foundation.

Let's see it!

Cito Ring - 14k gold or sterling silver

Cito is a reminder to do things FROM LOVE and not FOR LOVE, that we are deeply inherently loved and we do not need to work for love. It is also a reminder of the love we carry with us, from our friend, partner or ourselves. 

11% of the profits of this collection are donated to St' Jude's research hospital.

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Unidos Ring - 14k gold or sterling silver

Our unidos ring a reminder that we don't have to do things alone, that it takes a village and asking for support is not only ok but highly ecouraged!

We get to choose if we want to do it alone or together <3 

11% of the profits of this collection are donated to the suicide prevention hotline.

Let's see it!

My big why



Martha and her exquisite jewelry are perfect examples of powerful yet graceful beauty. Her pieces are of the highest quality, and clearly designed and made with care. Martha’s mission to embrace the community of our womanhood is so inspiring, and I will definitely be shopping her new collection as soon as it arrives! She’s a business owner with a wonderful vision, and her jewelry is gorgeous! Highly recommend!!

Ellen Broen

Wonderful Designs, Quality, and Purpose, behind each piece.

Victoria Russildi

As a woman, I am thrilled to support Martha Cristina in her efforts to bring wonder and sparkle to the world through her new business. Martha is an absolute joy to work with! Supporting small businesses is now more important than ever, and I promise you will be thrilled with your next purchase.

Mariana Padilla