Responsibly Made


Everything we design and make is made in the most responsible way possible.

We currently work in partnership with passionate jewelers in Mexico, with over thirty years of experience they bring our vision to life.

Our dream is to create sustainable partnerships with artisans in Mexico and New York, in order to invest in the community, create fair paying jobs and keep this incredible craftsmanship alive.

We use recycled metals and up-cycled chains as much as we can in all of our pieces, we are also working on getting our Fairmined License to use Fairmined Gold in our collections.

We cannot say we are there yet, but we strive every day to make sure our production practices are something we can be proud of!

We really want to make a better world, and we believe that operating with integrity is the way, we can all win, there is enough for everyone.


With fire and grace,


Martha Cristina